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Use Blender or Juicer?

If you aware that juicing is the easiest way with the best results of high quality and freshest nutrition from plants then you should think about starting and continuous juicing. The best juices are homemade.

Before starting, the first thing is what tool I'm going to use; Blender and juicer, One of these 2 types of equipment is a must-have if you want to make your own juice at home. 

Both blending and juicing are getting more and more popular but there is some confusion, it is important to pay more attention to the differences between the two tools related to the character and quality of the juice produced by both. 

These following things to note before starting are:

Same methods, Different Result

Make juice with blending is basically by mixing fruit or vegetables with water and then cutting them into very small pieces and becoming like fibers that blend with the extract liquid. When blending we put the whole thing in there and keep all the fiber so it's a whole food still in.

Juicing with a juicer is similar to the blending process, fruit or vegetables are cut into very fine pieces then filtered to separate the extract liquid with small pieces of fiber. Juicer separate the fiber from the extracting liquid. With juicer, it remove the fiber and we keep the sugar and the nutrients in extract liquid. 

Juice from a Blender or Juicer: What are the health benefits for us?


- Blending slows the absorption of nutrients and sugars that enter the bloodstream. 

- Blending is good for people who feel they do not get enough fiber. 

- Blended juices or smoothies can, on occasion, be consumed in place of a meal because the fiber in the blended juice gives the stomach a fuller feeling as compared to juiced drinks. 

Juicing (with Juicer)

- Juicing is benefit if you have nutritional deficiencies or a weak digestive system. 

- Juicing make digestive system doesn’t have to work as hard to absorb the nutrients from the drink. 

- Juicing makes the nutrients more readily available to the body. Some people with weaker systems do not tolerate fiber, so juicing could be a good choice for them.

- Juicing allows a larger volume of produce to be consumed than blending does because no extra liquid needs to be added. 

- For some people juice is not filling, but for others a juiced drink is filling because of the high volume of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients the body quickly absorbs.

Which one is faster and easier? 

Using blender easier versus juicer, but if you like the qualities of a thinner, smoother juice, then straining a blended drink might be the way to go. A simple kitchen strainer will remove small fibrous pieces from blended drinks.

Blender is easy to clean up, older juicers may take a little more time to clean, but newer models are easy to clean.

So, which one do you choose? It doesn't matter which one because Juicing and Blending are important components in any health and wellness program. They both serve a purpose, and both provide a digestible and available supply of dense nutrients.

Check this video for more information: