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How This Juice Can Improve Our Mood

If you are upset then the juice consists of a mixture:  1 cucumber, 1 apple, 3 romaine lettuce leaves, ¼ fennel bulb, 6 mint leaves, ½ lemon(juiced), 1-inch piece of ginger.

Yes, besides lifting the mood it is also nutritious to repair body cells and cleansing,  thats all because of ingredients in this juice. 


Provide the most liquid for your body.Cucumbers are 95 percent water, which helps to flush toxins from the body. Cucumbers are also good for clearing skin eruptions. A one-cup serving contains 86 to 100 IUs of vitamin A. 

Vitamin Ais a fat-soluble vitamin and antioxidant and is very important for eyesight health. Vitamin A is needed for the health of respiratory, urinary, and gastrointestinal tract. 

Cucumbers contain calcium, which plays an important part in strong teeth and bones. Cucumber juice helps with digestion, weight control, flushing out toxins, and constipation. 

The sodium in cucumbers can be helpful with blood pressure regulation and blood vessels. 


A perfect sweetener as they are low on the glycemic index.  Control insulin levels because they release sugars into the bloodstream slowly. 

Apples are known to reduce intestinal disorders, including diverticulitis and some types of cancers. 

Apples can aid in detoxifying and removing heavy metals from our bodies such as lead and mercury.  They contain vitamins A and C, phosphorus, iron flavonoids, and calcium.

Romaine lettuce leaves

Romaine lettuce is packed full of essentialvitamins including A, K, C, B1, B2, and B6, as well as omega-3s, folate, fiber, manganese, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium phosphorus, and copper. 

The vitamin C, beta-carotene, folic acid, potassium, and fiber make romaine lettuce heart healthy. These nutrients have been shown to lower high blood pressure.

Fennel bulb

Fennel is not only good in salads but is delicious in juices. One cup of raw fennel has only 26 calories and can provide you with vitamins C and B3. It contains fiber, potassium, manganese, folate, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper. 

It can ease bloating, digestive spasms, and gas pains. Bad breath and body odors that originate in the intestines can be helped with consuming fennel. Fennel might lessen menstrual cramps because its phytochemicals contain phytoestrogen-like compounds.

Mint Leaves

Mint is rich in carotenes and vitamin C. It contains essential minerals, including copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Mint is good for heartburn and indigestion. 

It settles the stomach and relaxes the intestines. Mint is helpful in releasing toxins from the body and helps to clean the liver.


Antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting.  Loaded vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin, magnesium, and limonene, which promote immunity and fights infections. 

Lemon juice kills certain types of bacteria that cause acne. 

Helps to alkalize the body and clear toxins that accumulate overnight in our digestive system (Drinking the juice of a half lemon in warm or room temperature water upon awaking). 

Improve immune defense and help with the development of strong teeth, gums, bones, and cartilage.


Ginger is known for alleviating symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders. Ginger possesses antioxidant effects and is an anti-inflammatory. It is effective in preventing motion sickness and is superior to Dramamine. 

Dizziness, nausea, and vomiting are relieved by consuming ginger tea. Ginger is good for nausea during pregnancy and is completely safe, claims the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

Anti inflammatory diseases, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other arthritis related problems, respond well when consuming ginger. Pain and swelling are relieved with its regular use. Ginger is anti-inflammatory because it contains free radical protection. 

Ginger’s active components and anti-tumor effects may inhibit the growth of colorectal cancer and may kill ovarian cancer cells.  Adding ginger juice to green drinks or making ginger tea can boost your immunity.

So, by knowing the properties of the ingredients, we can make juices that are healthy for us physically and mentally.