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The Legendary Figures Behind The Cleansing Juice

If you don't believe that juice can prevent and even cure diseases like cancer, here are some legendary figures who have proven that and continue to advise us to live as they do.

Jay Kordich (1923—2017) 

He has been juicing since the late 1940s. 

He was diagnosed with bladder cancer fifty years ago, and unhappy about the treatments available, he went to see Max Gerson who had been successful at treating terminally ill patients. 

Jay: I got bladder cancer after coming out of the Navy following World War II and I had been eating poorly in service. 

I found Dr. Max Gerson [a well-known alternative therapy doctor] and I took a train to New York City in 1948 and spent  a month juicing to help with my cancer.

 In 1990, Jay became known as the father of juicing. He started his national television career, making appearances with his own brand of juicer. 

His award-winning infomercials aired for more than 13 years.  Now in his active 90s, Jay is a great example of how the power of fresh juices and raw foods can engender health.

Dave Otto (1936—)

An early pioneer of juicing, believed that juice could heal just about any ailment. 

Dave has always been committed to making juices that are 100 percent organic. This commitment set Dave apart from the other few juice bars in the early days. 

Today, at age 78, Dave still goes to the market to pick out his own organic produce. He is very particular how the produce is washed before it gets juiced. 

Many years ago Dave created his own hydraulic press that is used in his shop today. Not only does he personally juice on a daily basis, but he also works out daily at the gym. 

He has been a vegan since 1972, and he never visits a doctor’s office.

Max Gerson (1881–1959)

A German-born American physician, developed the Gerson Therapy, an alternative dietary therapy that he claimed could cure cancer and mostchronic degenerative diseases. 

Gerson Therapy is based on the belief that disease is caused by the accumulation of unspecified toxins. 

A disease is treated by having the patient consume a predominantly vegetarian diet that includes hourly glasses of organic vegetable juice and various dietary supplements. 

Gerson Therapy is still in practice today.

Norman Walker (1886–1985)

An English researcher and author, was the biggest advocate of juicing in the 20th century. He influenced almost anyone who is juicing today. 

Walker discovered vegetable juices while recovering from a breakdown in his early years. While staying in a peasant house during his recuperation, he watched a woman in the kitchen peel carrots. 

He noticed the moistness on the underside of the peel and decided to grind the carrots, thus making his first cup of carrot juice. Juicing helped him recuperate quickly, and shortly thereafter he moved to California to open his first juice bar. 

It has been said that he was mentally healthy and active up to the day of his death. He was the inventor of the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer, which many consider to be the best juicer on the market to this day. 

Many claim that Walker lived to be 119 years of age, although the Social Security Administration and his grave marker claim that he was ninety-nine when he died (in his sleep). 

Ann Wigmore (1909–1994) 

Was a Lithuanian holistic health practitioner,nutritionist, and whole-foods advocate. She cofounded the health resort Hippocrates Health Institute with Viktoras Kulvinskas (who is still active in his work). 

Wigmore was known as “the mother of living foods” and was an early pioneer in detoxifying with juices and wheatgrass. She believed living foods healed the body, mind, and spirit. 

She said, “Chlorophyll will be the principle protein for the coming light-bearing age. When freshly made in a drink it contains synthesized sunshine, plus the electric current necessary for the revitalization of the body, and it will open areas of the brain that man yet knows nothing about.”