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This is The Starting Point for The Plant Base Diet

There are so many opinions about the benefits of plant based diets, from the doctors to researchers, but what is more convincing as an example or motivation to start practicing a plant base diet in our lives is based on testimony from people who have successfully lived it.

Various stories, one of which can be checked at this link, click here.

From these stories, we can take some important things related to the plant base diet:

1# Within a year of eating plant-based, ailments she had struggled with for years began to lessen significantly or even fully disappear like chronic migraines, skin problems, low energy, and painful menstrual cramps.

2# Plant-base diet is good for kids (teenage), their acne cleared up,  eczema healed

3# lose weight, they lost about 100 pounds to 240 pounds

4# When you do plant base diet, it will slowly cut out meat, dairy, and processed foods and replaced them with a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits.

5# Starting plant base diet with stopped eating beef, pork, and chicken; cut your dairy consumption by more than half; and stopped drinking soda. 

Added turmeric to your diet and started hydrating with lemon and lime in my water. Limited your refined carbohydrate intake. 

The effect is over two weeks, edema was gone and blood pressure stabilized into the normal range. In 100 days, he lost 80 pounds.

6# The most difficult part of this journey is watching others suffer unnecessarily. Many people have been open to trying this and others not so much. However, there is no denying the results.

7# Conquering Lupus with Plants

For the first time in two decades, I am 100 percent free of Lupus medication! On the five-year anniversary of my last infusion (and any hospital treatment or admission), I can celebrate with everyone the magnificent freedom from meds and an agonizing chronic illness. I am whole again.

8# Reversing Diabetes and Curing Sleep Apnea

He transitioned to a whole food, plant-based diet, in three months.

In his first six weeks on a completely whole food, plant-based diet he lost 45 pounds, getting down to 215 pounds. 

That health changes not only surprised him, it surprised his doctors.