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What Experts Say About The Benefits Of Raw Food

Raw Foods: Your Body's Fuel

by BRIAN CLEMENT, PHD, LN, NMD, director of the Hippocrates Health Institute.

Your body is a remarkable gathering of 95 trillion cells, microbes, and electrical charge. It perpetually renews itself as cells die and are born, and all of them mix with microbes from the environment in which you reside. 

Anatomy is constantly changing and evolving based on a number of influences. Organs, skeletal structure, blood chemistry, and microbes together create the human system. This system is not static but quite alive and requires ongoing nutritional input that addresses, develops, and grows the anatomy on several levels. 

Structurally, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids all create the visible concrete matter that we see in totality as you. 

At a basic yet profound level, the functions of the system depend on hormones, oxygen, phytonutrients, and enzymes as their food and fuel, and in the case of phytonutrients, as their protectors. 

This banquet of elements is 100 percent available when the raw food that they are contained in has not been altered or processed.

Within raw, fresh, organic, plant-based fare lives a smorgasbord of nutritional elements that fully support the human anatomy. 

When you process, cook, or chemicalize your cuisine, you lose in total or at least in great part the appropriate nutrients that support the dynamic bioelectric system that houses your person. 

Correct nutrition not only offers the bland elements but also harbors the electric ionic frequencies appropriate to be ingested and utilized by your cells. This high frequency is completely neutered when food is heated above approximately 115°F (46°C). 

When your system receives electrically charged nutrition from raw foods, it both develops structural strength and impels each cell and organ to move forward in rhythmatic functioning. 

The energy from your ingested fare is what permits every part of your whole to maximize its abilities. For more than half a century, the institute that I have had the privilege to direct, Hippocrates Health Institute, has conducted research on hundreds of thousands of people as they adopted a raw-food diet. This often results in eliminating and preventing disease and certainly halts premature aging.

The twenty-first century is the time when our culture will renew its scientific understanding of food as medicine. Orthomolecular is a recently established term that describes the use of nutrients in conquering and preventing disease. 

If you want to live a healthy, long, fruitful, and happy life, one of the unwavering essential contributions is the commitment to consume uncooked plant-based food.