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Ask These Questions, Then You Will Be Healthier

You know, food is the main key to your health, but have you ever thought of any other goal than just being healthy.
I think, by pondering these questions it'll give us more motivation to become healthier. 
Do you want to feel awake, alive, and strong? 
Do you want to feel active and fit? 
Do you want to feel clear-minded and focused? 
Do you want to feel so energized that you can do and accomplish anything you want? 
Do you want to feel like you’re taking excellent care of your body—the one and only body you’ve got?
Do you want to live long enough to see your kids and grandkids get married? 
Do you want to feel deep joy and make memories—cycling, skiing, hiking, laughing with friends, traveling and having adventures?  
Do you want to feel vibrant, with plenty of energy for everything you want to do?

If you want to feel like that, it all starts with the food you put into your body.  
It’s time, right now, to decide how you want to feel. 
Let’s make a series of changes to achieve those feelings.