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Plant-base Diet: The Best Way to Lose Weight

This is the shortest but most compelling explanation regarding the best diet methods for healthy weight loss.

by Dr Garth Davis, MD

The fiber factor is the main key

Fruits, vegetables, and beans are high in fiber, which is not absorbed into our bloodstream. 

So some of the weight of these plant foods does not translate into calories absorbed.  Likewise, the fiber holds water and obviously water won’t cause fat gain. 

Comparison of calories when eating a high-fiber diet with olive oil, and fried chicken - in same weigth.

So if you eat a giant 280 gram slice of watermelon, due to the fiber and water, you get only 85 calories. 

A 280 gram piece of chicken delivers almost six times the calories (480). 

If you could actually consume 280 grams of olive oil (20 tablespoons, in case you’re crazy), you’d take in a whopping 2,380 calories.

No Need for counting your food calories and gram, no one get fat by eating high fiber food.

 This is why I tell my patients they do not need to count calories when they eat a plant-based diet. 

I don’t care how many apples they eat, or how much kale they consume. I have never seen anybody get fat from broccoli or bananas. 

One patient didn’t believe me and tried to prove me wrong by eating six apples a day. 

She still lost weight.  Even the most dedicated overeater will become full before eating too many calories.

As an added bonus, the fiber in fruits and vegetables acts as a binder to the sugar they contain. 

I don’t recommend drinking juices because they remove the fiber from the sugar.

I believe this is why fiber is so well associated with weight loss. 

When you look at large studies, people eating the most fruits, veggies, and grains are eating the highest fiber and thereby eating lower calories and losing more weight than meat eaters.