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These Stuffs For Home Made High Nutrients and Detoxify Food

If you are bored with the salads that are sold out there then you can make it yourself at home.

But to make it easier for you to serve high nutritious food and be able to remove toxins, you should have the following equipment: 

A water filtration system, just make sure we don’t drinking contaminated water.

A juicer that’s sturdy and easy to clean, but that’s fit for your budget.

A strong, easy-to-clean blender

Stainless-steel pots and pans with water/airtight lids

Food mill (for soup)

Citrus reamer

Sharp kitchen knives

Microfiber cotton cloths, which are non-toxic options for cleaning your home.

Fruit peeler 


For Juicers and blenders, it looks like you don't need to have both, but if you prefer juices with lots of fiber, go for a blander. 

And if you don't like fibrous juices then you can choose a juicer or use a Blender and Strainer.