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This Diet Method No Need to Count Calories

In an article written by Dr Garth Davis, MD, it is clearly stated that the Plant Base Diet is a diet that frees us from calculating the number of food calories we must eat.

He made sure to his patients that plant-based diet liberates us from counting calories.

Dr Garth Davis, MD:

" I tell my patients not to count anything. 

Years of counting points and carbs, and weighing portions, has made them addicted to measuring. 

It is a huge relief for them to stop having to starve themselves and worrying about portions. I instruct them to eat the rainbow with a wide variety of fruits and veggies, without limits. 

If you are hungry, I tell them again and again, have an apple. Enjoy it fully and don’t worry. I provide them with delicious recipes that allow large portions but with low-calorie content. 

Time and again they tell me how easy it is to eat this way. They gush over how delicious the food is, how they are never hungry, and how they feel fantastic. 

Remember, my business is helping people lose weight. If they didn’t lose weight, I wouldn’t be successful. Thankfully, this diet is extremely successful, which is why I recommend it. "