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Facts About Japanese Vegetables Juice, Aojiru

To reduce the incidence of colon cancer in japan, the Japanese have to eat more vegetables and rice to increase the intake of dietary fiber and vitamins such as vitamin A, E, C, and β-carotene.

This is the reason why Aojiru Juice is so popular in Japan, and here are the facts:

1. Aojiru is named from its color and a juice prepared from kale, which is a plant akin to cabbage.

2. Ingredients of Aojiru (100 g): 

- Protein:  1313mg

- Phosphor : 30mg

- Potassium: 289mg

- Calcium Ca: 146mg

- Magnesium Mg: 23mg

- Carotenoids: 1.05mg

- Vitamin A : 580IU

- Vitamin C :196mg

- Vitamin E : 0.4mg

- Fiber 200mg

- 94.8% of Water 

3. The content of Calcium in Aojiru is equal to that of one bottle of milk

4. The contents of vitamins A and C are equivalent to five and three tomatoes

5. Two bottles of Aojiru (180 ml) supply the daily recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for vitamins and minerals

6.  Health benefits of Aojiru:

- Aojiru has the greatest effect on constipation

- Protect against the common cold

- Good for skin: moisturizing, fighting acne, improving the complexion.

- Prevent Anemia

- Prevention of cancer, colon cancer

- Prevent hypertension 

7. Aojiru is a hundred percent natural product, no contraindications, but only 180ml for daily consumption,  recommended dietary allowance (RDA).

8. Improve cellular immunity

9. Need more scientific research related to the following:

- What is the material enhancing cellular immune function? 

- How does Aojiru activate NK function, which play an important role in protecting the body from bacterial and viral infections?