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Facts That Cashews Are Not Just Snacks

Cashew, Latin name for Anacardium occidentale L. (Anacardiaceae), is one of the important edible nuts that is consumed worldwide.

Don't just eat cashew nuts for snacks, you should understand what are the benefits for our health, here are the facts:

1# The true fruit of the tree is the cashew nut that consists of a double shell containing a caustic phenolic resin in honeycomb-like cells, enclosing the edible kidney-shaped kernel.

2# Cashew kernels have the highest protein content among tree nuts, about 19.5%, matches soybean and higher than peanut.

3# All the essential amino acids are present in Cashew nut

4# Its crude fibre is low and it has a high lipid content (46%). The lipids composition is halfway between peanut and olive oil 

5# The oil contains in Cashew all the fat-soluble vitamins, and the ratio of saturated to unsaturated fatty acids is 4:1, close to the ideal 5:1. 

6# Cashews, with about 45 g of fat/100 g serving (at least a quarter of which are monosaturates) and a particularly high carbohydrate content for a nut at about 30 g/100 g portion, provides 553 calories/100 g intake.

7# The kernels are also very high in magnesium, having only slightly less than almonds 

8# Cashew apple contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and is regarded as having skin conditioning activity due to its proteins and mucilage.

Watch the video of  harvesting cashew fruit and nut processing :